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Antler Velvet – The Art of Dori Hartley

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Beauty – The Art of Dori Hartley

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Dori Hartley ArtistDori Hartley is an American artist from NYC, relocated to the Evergladian swamps of tropical Florida. She was born with a paintbrush in her hand, which was quite disturbing for her mother at the time of her birth. When Hartley is not creating artwork she is writing or thinking deep thoughts about artwork and writing. It is very hard to get her attention, unless of course you wave dollar bills in front of her face. While that may catch her eye, she may become confused as to what those pieces of paper are, being that she sees so few of them.

Hartley has two degrees in art, one that is called Bachelor of Science, which she finds odd. She used to use tubes of acrylic paint to graffiti her name all over New York City, a fabulous trend that went unnoticed, much to Hartley’s dismay. Store owners didn’t warm to that idea either. On the rare occasion when she leaves her cave of creativity, she can be seen wearing all black, which she somehow believes is a hippy statement. Leave her be, she has no idea you are there.

Hartley is the only human being on earth who can burn jello; her culinary talents are so far below acceptable. Other things she cannot do are skip, yodel and flare her nostrils. Unless these things are being done simultaneously with a tophat on. Then, she is a master. Still, the jello will always be questionable.

Dori Hartley does not care that you find Florida too hot. She likes it. But what she likes even more than nice weather is selling art. To you. So, you know what to do.

Thank you.


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